How To...

How do I use an existing pattern or create a new pattern?

Designers will reference Pattern Lab when working on their designs.

How do I promote or update a pattern/component that isn't project dependent

  1. Identify
    During design phase use Pattern Lab to search for component or pattern that fits the needs of your product. If a component or pattern cannot be identified then move towards creating a solution that can be used and foresee any products in the future who can benefit from this. Collaborate and communicate with your fellow designers and engineers to get their perspective and feedback.
  2. Document
    Once a component or pattern has been identified, provide documentation including:
    • Description
    • Usage rules
    • Subcomponents (If applicable)
    • Accessibility rules
    • Wireframes/Screenshots
    • Mobile/Responsive behaviour
  3. Implement
    • Review with Design and UI teams
    • Resourced, tested, released by UI team

Note: For durable team developed pattern/component make sure that the necessary code is moved to pattern lab so it can be properly published and archived

Who do I contact about any questions concerning Pattern Lab?